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International Experience Canada (IEC) program Reopened to accept New Applications via Pool for 2017

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Oct 2016

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The International Experience Canada (IEC) programhas opened again for international youngsters. The program gives an excellent opportunity for the overseas young individuals to stay and work in Canada on a temporary basis. Starting October 17, 2016, the valid applicants from the countries in special agreement with Canada can register their profile and get in to the pool of international candidates mentioning their country and category.

IEC- An incredible opportunity for youngsters to get Canadian Experience while on tour

The IEC provides excellent opportunity to the young individuals from different countries to get the Canadian experience while exploring different parts of Canada. It has been observed that the individuals, who come to Canada on IEC work permit, end up staying here on proper work permit or Permanent Residency visa.

Hence, the IEC program opens many doors for the foreign young individuals. Lets find out more about IEC.

What are the key streams of IEC?

The IEC can be segregated in three key streams, i.e.

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professionals
  • International Co-op

The Working Holiday Visa is the most preferred, popular, and applied category among the three. It permits the selected candidates to acquire the open work permit, which authorizes them to work under any of the Canadian employers. Though, a candidate can be eligible for more than one stream of IEC, based on his/her home country and certain key conditions.

IEC maintained the ITA system introduced last year

The IEC process was based on the first come, first served basis till year 2015. However, for 2016 season, a new system introduced, wherein a candidate creates an IEC profile and subsequently enters the pool of candidates with country and category. A candidate can only apply for the work permit, if he/she has received an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for the same. The invitations are issued based on round of invitations per country per category. This ITA system has been retained for the 2017 season as well. The candidates who are eligible to apply can create their profile with effect from October 17, 2016. However, all registered candidates will have to wait for the ITA to proceed further and complete the application.

What are the key requirements to apply for Working Holiday Visa?

Find below the key requirements to apply for Working Holiday Visa. A candidate needs to

  • Be the citizen of a country that has bilateral youth mobility agreement with Canada
  • Have a valid passport for the duration of their stay in Canada
  • Be within the age limits defined
  • Have funds of C$2,500 when they land in Canada to support their stay in the beginning.
  • Be capable of obtaining health insurance for the duration of their stay
  • Be permissible to Canada;
  • Posses a round-trip ticket or enough funds to purchase a departure ticket when their authorized stay in Canada ends
  • Be alone with no accompanied dependents.

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