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How Easy or Difficult it is to immigrate to Canada in 2017?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 11, Jan 2017

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Today, there are very few countries in the world that welcome the immigrants with open arms. Canada is surely right on top of the list of such countries. Immigration has faced a hit back in the last one or two decades in view of various reasons. Increasing terror threats are the major reason among all. Europe and America specially have implemented a strict check on immigration and immigrants in last one decade or so, in view of terror threats. However, countries like Canada are still welcoming immigrants with no discrimination.

Canada Immigration- How difficult or easy it is for immigrants?

It is relatively easy to immigrate to and settle in Canada compared to other advanced countries across the globe. Immigration to Canada is easy for immigrants in view of following reasons:

  • Lenient policy for Immigration
The liberal government of Canada has been soft on immigration and immigrants since it took over the charge in second half of year 2015. Liberals have eased several immigration rules to make the entry of immigrants in Canada smooth and hassle free. Reducing the processing time of family reunification, allocating immigration points to international students in Canada, making positive changes in express entry immigration system, etc. are few of the key immigration changes introduced by the government to benefit immigrants.
  • Cultural diversity
Cultural diversity of Canada provides ideal setup for the immigrants to settle. Canada is considered as the country of immigrants in view of its huge immigrant population.
  • Multiple job opportunities
In view of ongoing skill shortage in the country, Canada offers multiple job opportunities for skilled workers from overseas in the key sectors, i.e. IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Construction, and Mining, Manufacturing, etc.
  • Social security and other benefits for immigrants

The federal and provincial governments of Canada offer various social security benefits to the immigrants, i.e. free education and healthcare facilities, etc. There are various immigrant serving organizations are also active in Canada, which help immigrants integrate well in the community.

What are the challenges of Canada immigration?

Canada follows a point based system for immigration. Moreover, it is very particular about its immigration rules and policies. Any violation to immigration rule is taken quite seriously. Hence, if you are a Canada immigration aspirant, you must follow the Canadian immigration process and immigration rules diligently. If you are a layman, it is wise to take help and support from a trusted Canada immigration Consultant to apply for relevant visa in Canada.

Visas Avenue Making immigration to Canada trouble free for the applicants

If you wish to apply for Canada immigration in the year 2017, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue immigration to prepare your immigration file precisely. Visas Avenue is a registered Visa Consultancy Service for Canada immigration. It provides inclusive help and support for immigration to Canada from start till end.

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