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Now, only Highest Degree required by Canada PR applicants for ECA, with some Exceptions

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 28, Dec 2020

Now, only Highest Degree required by Canada PR applicants for ECA, with some Exceptions The Canada immigration Applicants now need to provide only their highest qualification documents for the Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) with some exceptions. One of the approved assessing authority, i.e. WES (World Education Service) has revealed the same.

As per WES, the IRCC asks candidates to submit only their highest completed credential for an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). To avoid delays, the World Education Service, discourages the applicants, regarding sending the additional documents unless WES requests them.

If the applicant has an Indian Master's Degree

If an applicant has an Indian master's degree or an Indian postgraduate diploma, he/she also require providing the bachelor's degree documents as the WES cannot complete an evaluation without these documents.

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Four exceptions

Presently, there are four exceptions to this scenario. These exceptions apply to individuals with a,

  • Master of Education
  • Master of Engineering
  • Master of Philosophy, or
  • Master of Technology degree
If you have a Master's degree in any of the above-mentioned streams, you do not need to provide any additional document.

No additional documents needed if you have Doctorate (PhD) degree

You do not require submitting your bachelor's degree or master's degree for evaluation if you are Doctorate (PhD) degree, holder. The ECA report should not comprise the following:

  • Anything below secondary school education (i.e. primary and elementary school)
  • Non-academic credentials (i.e. Microsoft Office Training)
  • Professional or career training qualifications
What is the significance of the ECA Report from WES?

If you are a foreign skilled worker applying for immigration to Canada on PR visa via federal Express Entry System or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), etc. immigration programs, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) ask for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report. This report verifies that your qualification obtained outside Canada is equivalent to the Canadian Education system. A report from the World Education Service:

  • Identifies and describes your credentials
  • Verifies that your credentials are authentic
  • May include a grade point average (GPA) equivalency
  • Includes an evaluation of the authenticity of your documents
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