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H1B in US Vs PR in Canada- Which one to Choose as a Modern-day Immigrant?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 24, Mar 2017

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If title of this post appeals you to read as an overseas immigration aspirant, then it is certainly justified.

Immigration pleases you gives you reason to move on in your life for better future prospects, however, at the same time it asks you various questions. And one among these questions is where to move? Which would be the right place to immigrate to? The United States of America was hands down the best destination for any immigration aspirant seeking wonderful career and life abroad back two decades.

However, as of now, in view of various reasons and change of things in last two decades, one has to put the option of moving to US under scanner. A scanner which inculcates various parameters of career, life, stability, respect, acceptance, and last but not the least safety and security.

How USA ranks as a Modern day Immigration Destination?

Why America is not the sole favorite immigration destination anymore? Is its status as the state with wealth, power, massive economy, super power changed over the years?

Well, every aspect what was there back two decades is still very much there. If anything has changed that is the policy or to be precise the Immigration policy. Though, the H1B is still the vastly popular visa category in the world, however, when it comes to choosing, an immigration aspirants has to ask question to himself, is there any better option available. And the truth is there are many now. A few advanced countries today accept the immigrants generously and also offer them several benefits.

H1B Vs Canada PR

Hope you have got an idea about the current status of the USA as favorite immigration destination. Now coming back to the main topic and title of the post, i.e. H1B Vs Canada PR. We all know that H1B is not the permanent US visa. Though you can work in USA based on this visa, however, your status will still be a long term visitor and not a permanent resident. To be a permanent resident you will have to go through a complicated process and it may years for you to become a Green card holder in the US.

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On the contrary, Canada has quite straightforward immigration process and policy. You can apply for Permanent residency in Canada through its popular express entry or other immigration programs. If you are selected in the program you have applied, you will become eligible to apply for Permanent residency in Canada.

Stability Factor

And once you have received the visa approval from immigration authorities, you can move to Canada with the permanent residence status. After spending few initial years in Canada as permanent resident, i.e. 4-6 years you can even apply for Canadian citizenship. On the other end, in the USA, it may take decades for you to get citizenship in the US.

The other key aspect of moving to Canada or USA is the acceptance factor. In the USA, a negative waive against immigrants is visible in the leadership and among a group of people. On the contrary, in Canada, both government and community of Canada are quite welcoming towards the immigrants coming to country.

Finally, the choice belongs to you only as an aspirant of immigration; however, the above analysis will surely help you take the right decision with regards to selecting a destination for immigration. So, be firm on your decision and get in touch with a registered visa and immigration consultant for inclusive immigration and visa process help.


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