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Good news for Canada Immigration Applicants- Express Entry CRS Points are expected to Decrease

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Nov 2015

visas default image It is really heartening news for the Canadian Immigration Applicants, as the required CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) is likely to go down in the coming draws of an Express Entry System for Canada Immigration. As per the latest announcement from one of the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) member and spokesperson, the few initial draws of Express Entry system have seen the higher qualification marks in view of the many applicants among them were in Canada itself, and had the job offer along with LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) already. It subsequently added extra CRS points to their score, so all such applicants were selected mostly, which raised the qualifying marks as well. The coming draws likely to see reduced CRS point requirement However, the last few months have seen gradual, but consistent downfall in the qualifying CRS Score for Express Entry System. Moreover, as the previous backlog of applications from the applicants already in Canada is over, the CIC also looks to complete their immigration target of various Canadian Immigration Programs. Although, the CRS score requirement during the seventeenth draw was reduced to about 450 points, however, now in last couple of draws its hovering around 480 marks, in view of a few provinces didnt announce their PNPs. Its high time to gear up for the Immigration to Canada The Canada Immigration applicants have a great opportunity at now to secure their Canadian Visa in view of upcoming favorable conditions for immigrating to Canada. The qualifying marks to be reduced, many PNPs are open and many others about to open, i.e. QSWP, SINP, etc. So, if you want to apply any ongoing or upcoming immigration programs, all you need to do is get in touch with a reliable immigration consultancy and commence your Immigration procedure at earliest, as you might not get such ideal conditions if you miss on this opportunity. A Key Support is always useful for the Canadian Immigration Procedure complexities In view of huge competition and complex Canadian system of immigration, you must seek the support and guidance from a reputed and reliable Canada Immigration Consultant. The Visas Avenue has earned a huge reputation over the years in terms of benefiting thousand of visa applicants to complete the visa procedure in a trouble free manner and get the approval for their desired visas. It also helps client with the key aspects of Canada immigration procedure, i.e. Application filing for visa, documentation assistance, ECA through WES, language certification, etc. All these activities are very crucial and if not completely accurately may cause unnecessary delay or denial of your visa. Hence, just call the Canadian Immigration Expert at 011-48447777 / 080-46668222or fill the free assessment form to receive a call back from the expert to start your immigration procedure for Canada.


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