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German Youth is Most Welcoming to Immigrants among all European Nations- Study Report

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 18, Apr 2017

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The youth in Germany is most welcoming to immigrants in all of Europe; a recent study has found this fact. German millennials expressed positive views about immigration in the country despite a widespread notion about countrys negative stance towards refugees and immigrants.

German Millennials Soft on Immigrants

As per a recent study by German broadcasters on millannials (18-34) in 11 nations of Europe, the youth in Germany more than 80 percent of youth in Germany agrees that immigration enhance the cultural diversity of the country. Over 200,000 individuals participated in the survey conducted in 11 European nations. Overall more than seventy percent millennials in Germany expressed that they feel positive about being part of country with culturally diverse population.

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Criticism of Open Door Policy

This is an important finding considering the several unpleasant incidents against asylum seekers, refugees, and immigrants in the country last year. Angela Merkel- the chancellor of Germany also faced criticism for her open door policy, after recent attacks involving asylum seekers in the country last year. The most horrific among all was the attack in the Christmas market of Berlin, when a truck crashed about 12 people and injured over 50. The truck was being driven by an Asylum seeker only.

Some student expressed pleasure saying that German culture has been benefited from new immigrants in the country in major cities. Youngsters agreed to the fact that some immigrants work really hard to integrate in the society and the must not be compared to some immigrants who got involved in illegal activities in the recent past.

Among the participants, only 24% agreed to the fact that jobs in Germany should reserved for locals in case of recession or low employment in the country. Over one million asylum seekers have flooded in Germany after the Refugee crisis across the world in last couple of years. However, after the criticism of the open door policy of Germany, the asylum seekers in the country are now being given funding to return home.

Germany needs STEM Graduates

Although, there are issues with the influx of asylum seekers in the Germany, however, one fact is still firm that skilled workers, especially STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics) graduates are highly in demand in the country. So, if you are a skilled worker and graduate in STEM subjects, you stand a great chance of securing Work Permit in Germany and earn in Euros.

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