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Flow of Indians to Canada Increasing Consistently despite Significant arrival of Refugees

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 22, Nov 2017

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Canada has always been favorite country for Indians and this has not changed despite the shift of immigration paradigm across the world. India is the second largest source country for last few years now. Indians were the second largest group after Pilipino. In the year 2016, just fewer than 40,000 Indians moved to Canada with a marginal rise in the number compared to year prior to that.

Syrian refugees and other factors didnt affect Number of Indians Moving to Canada.

Last year, Canada admitted significant number of Syrian refugees, when most of advanced countries denied them refuge. Canada airlifted about 25,000 Syrian refugees and this influx continued throughout the year. In fact, massive influx of Syrian refugees replaced China as third largest source country. The 3rd largest source country is now Syria, as China has been pushed to 4th position in the tally of largest source countries.

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However, this huge influx of refugees in 2016 didnt impact flow of Indians to Canada. In fact, the number increased by over 250 compared to the year prior to that. All these statistics revealed in the Parliament by Canadian Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, as part of Annual Report on Immigration to Canada.

Multiyear Immigration Plan of Canada

The Immigration Minister also revealed three year immigration plan of Canada, i.e. from 2018-2020. This is the biggest immigration plan ever, as it plans to admit just fewer than one million people to Canada in next three years. So it might raise its annual immigration level to 3,40,000 permanent residents by 2020.

These immigrants will be invited under different immigration programs, i.e. Federal skilled worker category, Provincial Nominee Program, Parent and Grandparent Program, family class immigration, businessmen and investor category, etc. about 60 percent of these immigrants will be under economic immigration and business category.

Indians Immigration to Canada

Indians moved to Canada in significant numbers last year under Federal Skilled Workers and Provincial Nominee Programs, etc. Canadas multiyear immigration plan will surely benefit the Indians, as there is significant increase in quota for family sponsored visas and spouse category visas.

Therefore, if you are an aspirant of Canadian PR visa, its the high time to prepare your immigration file and apply in the relevant immigration program to obtain PR visa in Canada.

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