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Find out why hiring an Immigration Consultant for Australia Immigration is Vital in 2017?

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 25, Jan 2017

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All set for Immigration to Australia this year?

Wait! Have you decided as to how you will go about your visa application?

It principally means, you will apply for visa on your own or take assistance from a trusted Australia immigration consultant. Well, if you are applying on your own, you certainly need to think twice in view of recent announcement from Peter Dutton- the Australian Immigration Minister.

Australia to make its visa assessment and verification process stricter

As per the recent statement by Australian Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, Australia to make its visa assessment process tougher to ensure the entry of genuine entrants in the country.

Read here -australia-to-strengthen-its-visa-risk-assessment-system-to-prevent-the-entry-of-undesirable-entrants

Now what does it mean for you as an applicant?

It means you really need to be one hundred percent correct with your visa application form, documents provided, and background verification check. The applications, which are found incomplete, incorrect, or misleading by any means, will be summarily rejected. The number of denials of such applications in Australia has increased considerably in last one year or so as per the latest reports.

Hence, as an applicant, if you are new to Australias immigration rules, provisions and other procedural aspects, you must hire a genuine and trusted Immigration Consultant for Australia Immigration. A reliable consultant with its vast experience in Australia immigration process, guide you perfectly through the process and ultimately wins the approval for your visa, if your candidature is authentic and impressive.

How Australia Immigration Consultant Help you in immigration process?

The immigration experts being the professional know all the procedural aspects and common reasons for denials. Hence, they prepare your application in a foolproof manner so that chances of denial are reduced to negligible. First thing an experienced consultant for immigration does is getting your immigration file ready from all aspects. If your immigration file includes all the key documents and material, the chances or your success certainly increase.

Filing of visa application is another key task in hand for them, where, most of the applicants falter. The Visa application must be filled with utmost care, after understanding the given rules and instructions. The application must be submitted after attaching the required documents. Any slip-up in both these things may cause delay or even the refusal of visa application. Lets take a look at the key services that a consultant provides you.

Key Immigration Services of an Australia Immigration Consultant
  • Case Study/Analysis
  • Pre-Assessment of Application
  • Documentation Help
  • Drafting of Letter
  • Visa Application filing
  • Resume Rebuilding
  • Refusal Case Analysis and Re-filing, etc.

However, while choosing a Visa consultant for immigration to Australia, you must ensure that it is registered and reliable.

Seek Advice & Assistance from a Genuine Australia Immigration Consultant?

If you are looking to get advice and assistance from a genuine and trusted Australia Immigration Consultant, you may contact Visas Avenue Immigration.

Visas Avenue is one of the leading and registered Visa Consultancy firm, specialized in Australia immigration and PR process. If you seek any advice, assistance regarding Australia Immigration Process and visa rules in year 2017, you can send your query to the expert via mail at email id-


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