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Family Members of Canadians Can now Enter in Canada for non-discretionary Purpose

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 10, Jun 2020

visas default image In an important announcement, Canadian Prime Minister has confirmed that the immediate family members of the Canadian permanent residents and citizens can now enter in Canada for non-optional or non-discretionary purpose.

The Canadian government has exempted these family members from the temporary travel restrictions with effect from 8th June 2020. However, the purpose of travel must be non-optional or non-discretionary.

Canada is gradually relaxing the containment measures imposed few weeks back to contain the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

Now Families can enter Canada non-discretionary travel

While briefing to the media about Pandemic situation on June 8, 2020, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced to exempt the immediately family members of the Canadian citizens and permanent residents from the ongoing travel restrictions.

However, these exemptions are not applicable to foreign nationals travelling to Canada for optional or discretionary purposes. The obligation is on the foreign citizens to show the purpose of their travel.

Non-optional or non-discretionary Travel

Below are the examples of non-optional or non-discretionary travel type:
  • economic services and supply chains
  • critical infrastructure support
  • health (immediate medical care), safety and security
  • supporting Indigenous communities
  • transiting through Canada for non-optional or non-discretionary purposes
  • studying in Canada if already approved for a study permit on or before March 18
  • tending to family matters for non-optional or non-discretionary purposes (such as bringing supplies to elderly parents or tending to sick family members) when there is no one else available in Canada to assist
  • any other activities that are deemed non-optional or non-discretionary by the Government of Canada or based on an officer's assessment
All eligible foreign nationals, irrespective of the country they belong to, can come to Canada to reunite with their family members as per the conditions mentioned above. This exemption is not just limited to the travellers from the U.S anymore.

However, any such traveller entering Canada must be immediate family member of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and must not have any COVID-19 Symptom. For such family members to enter Canada, the visit must be minimum of 15 days. In addition, the travellers must self-quarantine for 14 days upon landing in Canada.
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Who are immediately family members?

Immediate family are as follows:
  • Spouse or common-law partner
  • Dependent children
  • parent or step-parent or the parent or step-parent of the person's spouse or common-law partner
  • Guardian or tutor
However, this immunity or exemption is not applicable to temporary residents in Canada rather; it is limited to Canadian citizens and permanent residents only to unite with their families.

The Prime Minister first confirmed this last week that the government mulling to ease restrictions for immediate family members, though it seeks support from respective provinces as well. Now probably the support has been received, as the change is implemented now.

However, the federal government would not permit the short-term trips or optional travel in order to ensure the health and safety of Canadians.

Despite the Covid-19 caused crisis, the Canadian government is constantly taking measures and announcing changes to benefit the immigrants and immigration applicants.

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