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Ezy Migrate – The First Client Management Software Launched for New Zealand Immigration Advisors

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 09, Dec 2015

visas default image The first Client Management Software, i.e. Ezy Migrate has been launched for the accredited New Zealand Immigration Advisors. It has been introduced by the Small Business Online Solutions Ltd. - A well known software development company. The software claims to enhance the effectiveness of the procedures by approximately 70 percent. It will be interesting to see implemented, however, to hear about its features, one gets a feeling that it’s going to prove a milestone for the current manual procedures. The Ezy Migrate has been designed and developed for the licensed New Zealand Immigration Advisories.

Who was behind the idea of Ezy Migrate?

In the past, the Small Business Online Solutions had been creating various applications for the range of industries in New Zealand and Australia. However, the actual work on the Ezy Migrate project began last year only, when a team of Immigration Advisors asked the Business online Solutions to create a multipurpose CRM Software for Immigration industry. The beta version of Ezy Migrate launched in October 2014 only. The beta version was launched basically for the real time testing of this exceptional software, and after receiving feedback from the professionals, a number of improvements made to Ezy Migrate and various key features also added to it.

Below are the key features of Ezy Migrate

  • Facility for the clients to check their Visa Application Progress via (part of Ezy Migrate only) without even contacting the immigration advisers. It will save time at both ends.
  • A separate Client File section, which includes all information of a client on a particular location, such as, emails, deadlines, visa application, documents, correspondence, invoices, etc.
  • An automatic reminder system for deadlines with regard to clients, which is critical in terms of eliminating any chance of mistake or error in this regard
  • An ultimate replacement for paper based manual system
  • Overall saves time and money for both client and the Immigration Advisors.
  • Details are organized and placed at one location.
Positive Feedback of the Ezy Migrate

The feedback of the Ezy Migrate has been positive so far and as per Mr. Hyatt, the Project Manger, Small Business Online Solutions, the many requests have been received from immigration advisors for taking Ezy Migrate. He further said that they have announced a 50 % off of their set up fees for the first 50 users. They are also planning it to synch it with the Immigration online of Immigration New Zealand, so that the client can directly enter their details while submitting forms, etc.

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