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Express Entry changes in 2016 gave rise to the Number of invited express entry applicants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 12, Sep 2017

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Canadian government has introduced several changes in the federal express entry system in last couple of years to benefit the applicants and support the entry of more and more skilled immigrants in the country. These improvements have made positive impact on the immigration process of Canada as well as on the tens of thousands of immigrants applying for Canadian PR visa through federal express entry system.

Positive Impact of Express Entry Improvements in 2016

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) implemented some key changes in the federal express entry system on November 19, 2017. These changes had significant impact on the number of invited candidate through the EE system.

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Earlier, close to 60 percent candidates used to get invited via Express Entry System, however, once the express entry improvements go implemented last year, the percentage increased to staggering 90 percent mark till February this year. The statistics in this regard were recently revealed by the staff of IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Increased Number of ITAs

A significant rise has been noticed in the Number of Invitations (ITAs) for Canadian PR issued by the IRCC, post Express Entry changes in 2016. The human capital factor points of the applicants made them eligible to receive ITA from IRCC even without the help of any Provincial Nomination or Employment Offer from Canada. Most of these invited applicants were registered under Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). The STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) occupations also had fare share among the invited candidates by the IRCC till February 2017.

IT Professionals benefitted from November 2016 changes

IT professionals largely benefitted from the express entry improvements implemented in November 2016. It is clearly visible with the stats received in this regard.

Here are the key changes announced and implemented in November 2016

  • On receipt of ITA, an applicant needed to submit the complete Visa application within 90 days of the receipt of ITA. Earlier this period was 60 days; however, with effect from November 19, 2016, the IRCC extended this period to 90 days. This was a big relief for applicants, as they got additional 30 days to gather all the essential documents and submit the same with application.
  • The Express Entry point system for Canadian job offer restructured by the IRCC. As per the earlier points arrangement, there used to be flat 600 CRS points for Canadian Job offer. However, it has now been changed to either 50 to 200 CRS points, based on the category of job you have been offered as per National Occupational Classification (NOC) of Canada.
  • A job offer now only needs to be for a minimum of one year from the time you become a permanent resident.
  • An LMIA will no longer be needed for certain qualifying job offers to receive CRS points, i.e. employee under
    • North America Free Trade Agreement
    • federal-provincial agreement
    • Mobilité Francophone or
    • intra-company transferee

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Approval rate of Applications

The conversion rate of the ITAs or application received was outstanding. Over 80 percent ITAs got converted into applications and about 97 percent applications reached the approval stage.

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