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English language requirement for Australian partner visa applicants to start next year

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 15, Oct 2020

English language requirement for Australian partner visa applicants to start next year Australia to introduce English language requirement for the partner visa applicants. Alan Tudge- the acting Immigration Minister of Australia has revealed this in the recent press conference. The minister told about the more details about the government's plan to implement an English language requirement for partner visa applicants and their sponsor. This step from the government will lead to better employment opportunities for migrants, as per Mr. Tudge.

English Requirement for Partner visa

The candidates applying for a partner visa in Australia, and their sponsors, will require showing English language skills or an attempt to learn possibly from the ending months of 2021. This is primarily because the government is looking to maximise employment in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This new change was first announced during the federal budget and now the immigration minster has revealed further details about the same. Mr Tudge revealed the data that 13 per cent of individuals with no English skills are in work compared to 62% of those who speak English fluently.

This will ensure that this will give best chance to the new migrants to get an employment in Australia and thus, actively participate in the society and community, said the minister.

English Skills opens the new opportunities

He further added, it is not easy to get work, unless you are proficient in English. It also makes difficult to participate in every aspect of society here in Australia. Lack of English skills, places women at more risk of domestic violence, as they might not have the ability to communicate and get the support they require.

The candidates not expected to pass the English test before landing in Australia under a two-year provisional visa, but will require showing functional English or at least show that they have made reasonable efforts to learn the language before applying for Australian permanent visa.

One way to show a dedicated attempt would be to complete 500 hours of free English classes through the Adult Migration English Program, confirmed Mr Tudge. The program was expanded start of this year to allow new immigrants to obtain an unlimited number of classes.

Recently, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison told that the level of English required of partner visa applicants would be a "much more basic level of English language competency" than required of economic migrants, i.e. in skilled migration stream that already has language requirements.

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