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Dual Citizenship to Indians in Overseas countries- Bill Introduced in Indian Parliament

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 24, Jul 2019

visas default image The bill to allow dual citizenship to the people of Indian origin, living abroad has been introduced in the Indian parliament. As per the existing law, the people upon acquiring the citizenship of any other country will lose their Indian citizenship. The bill if implemented shall benefit millions of Indians settled abroad, who at now have to renounce their Indian citizenship once they get the citizenship in other country.

Bill Introduced in Parliament to allow Dual Citizenship to Indians in Overseas

Recently, Shashi Tharoor- the Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha from Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has introduced a bill to amend Article 9 in the Constitution of India,in the Parliament, which implements the automatic termination of the Indian citizenship of the people obtaining citizenship in another country.

As per Mr. Tharoor, "We have the largest diaspora in the world, many of whom have migrated abroad for better opportunities. Taking a foreign passport for convenience does not make them any less Indian,"

As per United Nations report, more than 15 Million people of Indian origin living in other countries (World Migration Report- 2018), which is the biggest diaspora in the world. The Mexicans and Russians are next two in the list respectively. This huge section of Indian community in overseas, has been requesting the Indian government since long to allow them dual citizenship.

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Significance of Indian Community in Overseas Countries

The Indian government understands the importance of the Non-resident Indians, this is the reason that it often responds positively to their demands. To benefit the NRIs, Indian government introduced the OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) Card, which was further streamlined and promoted by the ruling BJP government in India.

Speaking in support of the bill to allow Dual Citizenship, Mr. Shashi Tharoor said, "In the era of globalisation, more people from India will search for opportunities abroad.

"By automatically terminating their Indian citizenship when they seek citizenship of countries of residence, the law effectively cuts them off their roots and makes them feel like they do not have a real stake in their country of origin,"

As per the experts, the Indian community in overseas countries, has done a lot for the cause and interest of India.Indian community in top advanced nations have done lobbying to turn the table in India's favour,on the occasion of crucial deals and treaties.

Encouraging news for the Indians looking for overseas immigration

The fear of losing citizenship in India often holds back the people aspiring to settle in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc. countries. However, if the mentioned dual citizenship bill converts in to a law, it will surely cheer many immigration aspirants in India,willing to apply permanent residency and subsequently, the citizenship in the desired country.
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