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2nd Express Entry Draw of May 2019- Will IRCC continue to drop CRS score requirement

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 06, May 2019

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Last express entry draw launched on 1st May 2019, once again created a buzz among the experts and the candidates about the dipping trend of the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score requirement from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada).

In last 5-6 draw of federal EE system, the IRCC has continuously dropped the qualifying marks, hence, the applicants with low score have once again got a new ray of hope.

CRS score is decreasing constantly

As mentioned above, the constantly reducing cut off marks have brought a new ray of hope for the applicants. The IRCC started the year moderately with cut off 449 and 443 respectively in first two draws of the year.

CRS Score Requirement in 2019

However, in the 3rd draw launched on 30th January, the cut off dropped drastically to the mark of 438. To the surprise of express entry candidates, it went high again in the very next draw, i.e. 457 points. Until this point the cut off was completely volatile and unpredictable. However, since 20th February draw (4th draw of the year), the qualifying marks are gradually but continuously dropping draw over draw. In the last draw launched on 1st May 2019, the cut off score demand from Immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada(IRCC) was 450 CRS points or above.

What are the expectation from next express entry draw in May 2019?

Well, considering the falling trend as well as the status of express entry pool, we may expect the drop in the qualifying marks to continue in the next few draws. As per the Express entry pool status on 26th April 2019, there were 35,349 candidates in the pool with CRS score between 401 and 450.Hence, IRCC is likely to drop the cut off in the forthcoming EE draws as well to invite these candidates.

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