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CRS Score is below 450? Find out your Chances of getting Canadian PR in 2017

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, Feb 2017

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CRS Score is below 450? Find out your Chances of getting Canadian PR in 2017

Are you an express entry applicant with CRS Score below 450?


Well, you must be concerned about your chances of obtaining Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) in the year 2017. At now, there are several candidates like, you have are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that they will be able to earn the Canadian permanent residency invitation in the forthcoming express entry draws. However, no one really knows as to whats there in the kitty of IRCC for the thousands of Canada immigration aspirants waiting for their turn.


Will the CRS score decrease below 450 mark in the upcoming EE Draws?

Well, this is the question every candidate with CRS score below 450 points has in mind. The CRS score requirement from IRCC has been decreasing constantly in last few draws.


List of Express Entry Draws in 2017

crs score chart

  crs score chart 1            

While the qualifying is decreasing with every passing draw, the number of invites is rising significantly to create new history in each draw. In the last express entry draw launched on January 25, 2017, CRS score requirement was reduced to 453 points, i.e. the lowest in almost a year. On the other end the number of invitations issued by IRCC for Canadian permanent residency raised to record number of 3508. Hence, the candidates have their CRS Score around this mark are fancying their chances of obtaining invite from Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Canadian PR. However, a lot depends on the 4th express entry draw of 2017.

Why 4th EE Draw of 2017 will be a crucial one?

The 4th express entry draw this year will be critical for many reasons. The CRS score requirement has never went below 450 mark in the history of express entry draws. And in the 3rd draw of express entry the required CRS score from IRCC was 453 points. Hence, the next express entry draw will decide whether or not the IRCC will create a history for qualifying marks this time around as they already did by inviting record number of Canadian PR candidates in last few express entry draws.

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How things will change if CRS score goes beyond 450?

If CRS score goes below 450, (which is not impossible in view of positive draw results from IRCC in 2017), we may see a new express entry record for not only qualifying marks, but also number of invites. The Canadian Permanent residency aspirants, who are waiting for their ITA since long, may get reasons to smile if the CRS score reduces below 450 points. The number of invites may touch new heights, if qualifying mark reduces further. Hence, you can say that we are on the verge of witnessing an incredible record in the history of Express Entry system.

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