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IRCC has reduced Processing time of Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Immigration Program for Several Countries

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 10, May 2016

visas default image In a recent announcement, IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has reduced the processing time for several outland immigrations under Spousal/Common-law Sponsorship Immigration Programs of Canada. This is certainly good news for thousands of Canadian Spousal sponsorship visa aspirants across the world.

The processing time will be Listed Country wise & Not by Visa Office

Up till last year, the processing time of the Spousal visa applications were being listed by the Visa Office. Now, according to the latest process, it will no more be listed by the visa office, however, a fixed period (in months) will be given depending on the country of the applicants.

The Partners Can now Choose among Inland Vs Outland Sponsorship

With the fixed time frame for outland processing, the married or common law partners will now be in better frame of mind to choose among Inland Vs Outland Sponsorship for their respective spousal/common law visas. Apart from this, in several cases, the application processing time will get faster than the earlier, i.e. within a year, which will certainly please thousands aspirants looking for spousal/common law immigration to reunite with their partners.

Processing time under a year for several countries

The Canadian Spousal/Common Law Sponsorship application processing time will now be less than a year for several countries, i.e. New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Israel, Spain, Iran, Algeria, Poland, etc. It is just over a year or so for several other countries. The processing time for a few South Asian countries is listed below.

Country Processing time (in months)
India 20
Pakistan 28
Bangladesh 26
Nepal 14
Sri Lanka 13

This may well be the effect of announcement from Liberal government couple of months back regarding their plans of increasing the number of family class permanent residents in the country.

What is Outland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship?

The outland Spousal or common law sponsorship is basically the case when the applicant being sponsored is outside Canada. However, the applicant applying for outland immigration can be in Canada on temporary visa as well and can still make outland application. In such a case, he/she can actually travel in and outside Canada with the consent and permission of Immigration authorities.

How to apply for Outland Spousal/Common-Law Sponsorship Immigration?

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