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Canadian Province Quebec is Firm on the stand to accept 51,000 immigrants per year

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Nov 2016

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The Immigration Minister of Quebec, Cathleen Veil has announced to accept close to 51,000 new immigrants into the year 2017 the number can even go beyond in the coming years. This I really an encouraging decision from the Quebec Government in view of the criticism from the opposition about the immigration management in the provinces.

Government to invest significant amount in French language-training programs for Immigrants

The Government also investing added $31 million in the French language-training programs for immigrants, so that they can learn French to integrate well and fast in the society.

Both these announcement have made by Kathleen Veil- the diversity and inclusion minister of Quebec, Canada couple of days back.

Immigration Minister looks to strike right immigration balance in the province

As per Weil the decision in this regard has been taken after months of consultation and discussion with public, corporate entities, community groups, and other key experts. And the announcements made in this regard will surely strike the immigration balance, Quebec is looking for.

It will be all win situation as the immigrants will get the kind of start and support they want, on the other end, Quebec will get the much needed labour force as per its labour market needs and requirements. Weil also dismissed the criticism by the opposition wherein they warned about the worrisome immigration scenarios. The opposition leaders have blamed the government for not being well equipped to handle the immigration influx in the province. Weil ruled out opposition view and statements saying that the speculations based on hot air are irresponsible as they don’t have any statistics to support.

Quebec gradually plans to increase immigration level from 2019

The government plans to stabilize the immigration to 51000 for next couple of years and gradually raise the same to 52,500 from the year 2019.

As of now, out of the pool of total 30,000 immigrants in Quebec, 6 out of 10 includes in the economic category, i.e. they are either well qualified workers or have plans to invest in the province of Quebec.

The government plans to gradually raise the immigrants in the economic category from 59 percent (what it is now) to 63 percent. It will help a great deal to meet the skill shortage in various regions of the province.

Its good time to move to Quebec, Canada

As the Quebec plans to invite and facilitate new immigrants in the province, its perfect time for you to plan immigration to Quebec- the major province of Canada. Quebec also offers one of the easiest pathways for immigrants to move to Canada with no job offer from needed from Canada and minimum language proficiency requirement.

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