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Canadian Ministers discussed a plan to Enhance Immigration of skilled workers, students & regional immigration

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 28, Jul 2020

Canadian Ministers discussed a plan to Enhance Immigration of skilled workers, students & regional immigration A group of Canadian ministers accountable for immigration recently had a virtual meeting to discuss the role of immigration in the country at this key juncture in the history of Canada. Immigration has always been a benefit to Canada, even before this global pandemic.

Moreover, even today, the immigrants are playing a key role in helping the people in the country in this fight with the pandemic. The immigration will also be a key to Canada's economic recovery in the months to come. Keeping these facts on top of the agenda the federal, provincial and territorial ministers met virtually to ensure that they stay constructing a robust immigration system that everyone value and trust.

Immigration Ministers Discussed a Joint plan for Immigration

The federal and provincial immigration ministers agreed upon to advance the mutual immigration primacies and improving the immigration policies and programs of Canada by approving the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Strategic Plan for Immigration (2020-2023).

This joint plan has established a vision for immigration, underlining how new immigrants provide their contribution in constructing vivacious communities and an comprehensive and thriving Canada, supported by a strong and open immigration system.

The Ministers participating in the meet also applauded the "Team Canada" response to Global Pandemic, by supporting a flexible immigration system dedicated to fulfil the critical labour market needs. This support has been exemplary particularly in the agriculture sector, which ensured constant delivery of indispensable services for new immigrants, while observing the challenges and measures that taken off late to make certain the health and welfare of temporary foreign workers.

Immigration Minister spoke about Contribution of immigrants & need of Enhancing immigration

Speaking about purpose of the meet and joint plan, Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said, "Throughout Canada's response to COVID-19, immigration has played a vital role. Not only is immigration helping to deliver food, fuel and health supplies, it is also going to be key to our long-term economic recovery."

He further added, "We advanced that goal at today's federal-provincial-territorial meeting through our ongoing collaboration on a number of priorities, including how best to recruit skilled workers, attract international students and enhance regional immigration. Together, we will continue welcoming newcomers to ensure we build a nation that is diverse, prosperous and strong."

As of now, the Federal, provincial and territorial governments have together took essential measures to make certain that the health and safety of temporary foreign workers and other susceptible new immigrants, and it will remain a top priority.

They further emphasized on the significance of newcomers, predominantly international students, in ensuring the economy as well as the communities of Canada move in the forward direction.

The challenges in luring the new immigrants to communities outside of main urban centres across Canada also discussed in the virtual meet. They all agreed on the significance of evolving regional economic immigration goals and recognized the upheld success and the excellent track record of PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) to allocate the benefits of immigration across Canada and federal immigration pilot programs to address directed regional (Atlantic) and local (Rural/Northern) gaps. Giving the example of the new Municipal Nominee Program, ministers indicated and agreed that long lasting collaboration is required to allow a joint immigration response to community and labour market requirements, while supporting the enduring success of PNPs.

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