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Canadian Government has updated the definition of 'Parent' for determining citizenship by descent

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 28, Jul 2020

Canadian Government has updated the definition of 'Parent' for determining citizenship by descent As part of an important Program delivery update, Canadian government has changed the definition of 'Parent', which is used for determining the citizenship by decent. The Subsection 3 (1) of Citizenship Act, offers the automatic citizenship to the children born abroad in the first generation. However, a few such applicants face issues in obtaining the citizenship, in the absence of any biological link to the Canadian parent.

Let us find out how new definition of Parents will help them.

New definition of 'Parent'

The explanation of "parent" for the determination of citizenship by descent under subsection 3(1) of Canadian Citizenship Act now consist of children born overseas in the 1st generation who have a legal parent-child relationship at birth, however, no biological connection to the Canadian parent.

In earlier explanation of parent under paragraph 3(1)(b) of Canadian Citizenship Act, applicants who were born in the 1st generation to a Canadian parent(s) may possibly have faced rejection of Canadian citizenship by descent in case was no biological connection (genetic or gestational) between the applicant and their Canadian parent(s).

Now, this new elucidation of parent will allow applicants, who may have else been rejected in the absence of biological connection to their Canadian parent(s) to be accepted under section 3 of Canadian Citizenship Act based on a legal parent-child link at birth. The same has been updated in the latest paper application form as well.

There has been several changes and updates in last few weeks released by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Most of them has been related to easing out the containment measures, which the government took earlier for the Covid-19.

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