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Canadian Government Allocates $747 million to support its Multiyear Immigration Plan (2018-2020)

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 28, Mar 2018

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The government of Canada has allocated $747 million to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in order to support Canada's Multiyear Immigration Plan (2018-2020). As per the IRCC, country's economic growth and revenues from the taxation will make up for the cost of Canada's massive Multiyear immigration plan.

Canada's Multiyear Immigration Plan

Canada revealed its Multiyear Immigration Plan (2018-2020) in November last year. As per this plan, Canada will accept nearly one million people as permanent in next three years, i.e. from 2018 to 2020. Out of the total number, about 310,000 immigrants will be welcomed this year only. The annual immigration will also be increased step by step every year. Hence, to deal with the processing of such huge immigration applications as well the entry and integration of the immigrants in the country, requirement of a healthy budget is obvious.

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This is the reason that IRCC has received $747 million under the 2018 federal budget to support Canada Multiyear Immigration Levels Plan. The amount of $747 million is a part of an overall $875 million budget over 6 years that the federal government has kept for its transition to the said immigration levels plan.

Efficiency of Immigration System

As per the official Spokesperson of IRCC, Lindsay Kemp, the extra funds received shall make certain that IRCC maintain an manage the immigration system with greater responsibility and care. Most of the received fund will be spend on the settlement services, as higher the number of new immigrants, greater the settlement cost, she confirmed. The balance of the cost will be spend on the betterment of the screening and application process handled by IRCC and its security partners.

Expected Counterbalance of the expenditure

The IRCC is also expecting that increased fee revenue from the PR applicant in next three years, will partially counterbalance the expenditure involved in Canada's 2018-2020 Multiyear Immigration Plan.

The economic immigration program entries in Canada are likely to increase by the government to 60 percent, which in turn will help balance the multiyear immigration plan expenditure by addressing the skill shortage issues and useful contribution in the economy and development of the country. As per Kemp, higher immigration level would mean higher economic growth, which will ultimately raise the revenue generated through taxation.

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