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Canada's Parent and Grandparent Program is reopening on 28th January 2019

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 12, Jan 2019

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The Canadian government has announced to reopen its popular Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) on 28th January 2019. The PGP will accept as many as 20,000 applications this year. The PGP is a very useful and popular program for the Canadians interested in sponsoring their parents and grandparents to Canada to get PR. Let's find out more about the reopening and other details about the PGP.

PGP is opening on 28th January

Online Interest to Sponsor form will be available for the Canadian citizens and permanent residents(over 18 years) from 28th January to sponsor their patents/grandparents to Canada to get permanent residency. The interest to sponsor form is the first step of the PGP process.

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) will assess the all submitted Interest to Sponsor forms on first come, first served basis and subsequently, the ITAs (Invitations to Apply) will be issued to the applicants till the time the upper limit for this year (i.e. 20,000 application) is reached. The new first come, first served process of accepting applications has replaced the old and disputed lottery system that was introduced by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada in 2018, but removed soon.

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A Glance at PGP process

The interested sponsors will have to first fill and submit the online Interest to Sponsor Form. This is not exactly an application form rather an expression of interest to IRCC that you are willing to be considered as a potential sponsor of under Parents and Grandparents Program. Applicants should also upload a copy of a status in Canada document along with their Interest to Sponsor form.

As per IRCC, the interested applicants first need to take a look at the eligibility requirements of the PGP sponsorship, i.e. minimum necessary income, etc. before they actually submit Interest to Sponsor form. The IRCC will assess the submitted ITS forms and subsequently, issue the Invitation to Apply (ITA) to the selected applicants. Once the applicant has received the ITA, he/she need to submit complete PGP application form along with the required documents within 60 days.

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