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Canada waives Biometrics requirements for PR applicants who submitted biometrics Earlier

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Sep 2020

Canada waives Biometrics requirements for PR applicants who submitted biometrics Earlier Canadian Government has announced to waive the biometric requirement for those Permanent Residence applicants, who have provided their biometric information in another application within the last 10 years.

Few months back the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced key measures in view of Covid-19 and allowed the delays in biometric submission, in case candidates are not able to provide the same.

Update regarding Biometric requirement

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has several pending applications and many of these applicants had submitted their biometrics in previous application.

As per IRCC, it has a rising number of applications for PR visa that are stuck due to the biometrics requirement. Hence, IRCC planning to ease further disruptions on such candidates by waiving the biometrics requirement in certain cases.

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Eligible candidates and effective date

As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), this policy is applicable from September 10, 2020 and was operationalized on September 22, 2020. Now, it will remain in effect indefinitely.

Eligible candidates who are exempt from biometrics collection requirements regardless of whether they are presently in Canada or outside are those with both of the following:
  • a pending or new application for permanent residence
  • previously submitted their biometrics within the 10-year period before the day on which they submitted their current permanent residence application

What is biometrics?

The Biometrics are generally needed for overseas nationals who wish to obtain a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit (except U.S. nationals), refugee or asylum status, permanent residence, a visitor record, or want to extend their work or study permit.

Such applicants are required to submit their fingerprints, photograph, and pay a fee. The IRCC uses biometrics to confirm the identity of foreign citizens upon their arrival in the maple leaf country.

The Canadian Government has already exempted other overseas nationals from providing biometrics due to its recognition that COVID-19 interruptions may stop them from doing so.

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