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Canada- the 21st Express Entry Draw has seen a Considerable rise in the number of Invitation for PR

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 01, Dec 2015

visas default image The latest Express Entry draw number 21 started on 27th November and continued till 28th November 2015 has seen the significant upsurge in the number of Invitations for Permanent Residency in Canada. Moreover, the qualifying marks have also been reduced in this draw. The number of invitations issued this time round were 1559 as compared to 1506 invitations in the last Express Entry Draw no. 20. The qualifying marks have reduced to 472 from 484 in the last draw of EE.

Is this positive change is impact of Liberal Government?

There was a buzz in the air about the new Liberal government’s immigration oriented policies and plans for the future. Hence, at now, it is difficult to say whether the decrease in qualifying mark and increase in the number of invitations has anything to do with the liberal government’s commitment to make immigration easy and hassle free. Nevertheless, whatever might be the case; it’s anyways good news for the thousand of Immigration Applicants waiting for their turn to make it Canada.

The Canada Immigration Applicants must be ready with their file

The candidates interested in Canada Immigration, must get ready with their complete file, in view of positive changes in the immigration statistics. Moreover, there are various provinces of Canada, i.e. Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, etc., which look inviting the quality skilled migrants in the province, hence, the applicants, even with the relatively lower qualifying marks, may get selected in the next rounds.

For this to happen, the candidates are advised to apply simultaneously in both the Federal Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs of various provinces, and the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program opening on January 18, 2016), to enhance their chances of selection. You can anytime withdraw your application, once you have been selected in any of the programs.

How to Get the Assistance to apply for Canadian Visa through Express Entry System?

The Express Entry Trends are positive, hence, if you make a little more effort in arranging the key documents, i.e. language proficiency certification, credential assessment, etc. and apply fast in the EE System, your chances at now are bright for getting selected for PR in Canada.

Contact the certified Canadian Immigration Specialist at Visas Avenue to get vital help in language certification, credential assessment for applying in the Express Entry System with complete accuracy.

The Expert at Visas Avenue shall also help you with the application pre-assessment, letter drafting, visa filing, and follow up with authorities for visa approval. Just click on the free assessment form to determine your eligibility for Express Entry System and to receive a call back from the Canadian Immigration Expert.


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