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Canada Resumes processing of the online applications for Visitor Visa & eTA

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Jul 2020

Canada Resumes processing of the online applications for Visitor Visa & eTA With effect from 1st July 2020, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) is resuming the processing of the online applications for visitor visas (including transit visas) and electronic travel authorizations (eTAs).

The government of Canada is easing out the measures taken for the recent pandemic gradually as the situation has improved a lot across the maple leaf country.

Canada Resumes eTA and Visit Visa processing

Ensuring the restarting of the application processing and making the final verdict on Visitor applications will help the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada to make certain that processing times in months to come are not significantly impacted. Moreover, help fasten traveling to Canada, once all the travel restrictions across the globe are lifted.

The government also continues to process study permit and work permit applications (online submissions) along with the PR visa applications, to the degree it is possible. However, the paper applications for visitor visas, study permits, and work permits are on hold until further notice.

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Government is taking steps to give enough time to applicants

The government is taking the required steps to ensure that the applicants get enough time to complete all essential steps of the application processing, i.e. providing the biometrics, etc.

The few VACs, which were not operational off late, have now resumed the operations. Hence, the applicants can book their appointments now to provide the Biometrics at earliest.

The people planning to visit Canada must note that 14 days of mandatory quarantine rule is still in place. Hence, those traveling to Canada must plan their travel accordingly. The quarantine period is mandatory for all travelers to Canada irrespective of the fact they have the symptoms of Covid-19 or not.

This is the right time to Plan immigration to Canada

As the government is easing the containment measures out one by one, it is the perfect time to apply for immigration to Canada. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have recently stated that they are getting ready for the expected surge in the application once the global travel restrictions are lifted. The surge may affect the processing time of the applications.

Hence, the applicants, who apply for permanent residence visa now, will have their application processed early and can, avoid unnecessary delay in the processing.

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