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Canada Require to Speedup Immigration Processing to Acquire vital Overseas Tech Talent

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 08, Jul 2016

visas default image Canada has emerged as a crucial immigration destination for the immigrants over the years, especially in view of all the insecurity spread around the world. The recent Syrian crisis, terror attacks, presidential elections and consequential outraging statements in US, all such factors have narrowed the pathways for immigrants in Europe and America and have left the immigrants in a dilemma.

Canada is the real magnet for immigrants now

The Canada on the contrary has been firm on its immigration policies throughout the whole crisis situation across the world. In fact it has welcomed the record number of refugees and immigrants in last few months. Hence, its explicable as to why the skilled workers from all parts of the world eager to move to Canada.

The Canadian Startups want to hire the overseas talent

Its evident that the skilled professionals eager to immigrate to Canada, however, it is to be noted that the Canadian startup sector too want to hire the highly skilled foreign talent. In the recent past the tech sector and startups have not been successful in hiring the overseas talent for important positions, which was expected. Canada is competing with the world in terms of hiring the foreign talent.

The top countries in the world may have tightened their immigration policies; however, they are still prompt in hiring the highly skilled overseas talent. The countries like France and New Zealand have introduced fast track immigration programs to attract foreign talent.

Canada on the other end, need over 180,000 immigrants by 2019 for its ICT industries as the talent back home is not enough to fill the vacancies opening every year.

Canada need fast track immigration program

Hence, a fast track immigration program is the need of Canada as well as of today to fill the skill gaps in the country. The industries and government need to work hand in hand for the growth and development of the economy of the country. To stand in the global competition, Canada must take result oriented steps to hire the foreign talent as per the demand of tech sector in the country.

Express entry keeps the immigration aspirants on hold for six months and this is the crucial time wasted in todays cut throat competition for hiring the best in the world. As the government and immigration department is being pressurized for fast track immigration, we may soon see the relevant progress in this regard on part of the federal government.

Great time for Technology Professionals to apply for Canadian visa

If you are ICT professional, its the great time for you to apply for Canadian Visa as Canada is looking to hire the best overseas talent from tech sector. Express Entry, QSWP, PNP etc. are the ways to go for Canadian PR.

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