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Refugee Airlift! - Canada to create history while asking Questions to Refugee Policies of European Countries

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 02, Feb 2016

visas default image Canada has yet again proved its status as being the most Immigrant Friendly nation, as it plans to airlift 13,000 refugees fleeing Syria. This huge number of Syrian refugees will be migrating to Canada in the coming 6 week’s time. While the most of the European countries looking to stop the refugee flow in their countries, Canada really stands out by setting this outstanding example to the world.

Canada to Create History
It will be an extraordinary operation as per John McCallum, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister of Canada. In an interview with the Guardian he said, “Canada has many times in the past decades accepted significant waves of refugees,” He further added, “But I think this is making history in Canada in the sense that we’ve never done it so fast.” In contradiction to the liberal immigration policies of Canada, the countries, like Sweden and Denmark have really tightened their immigration rules for the Refugee, to prevent the refugee flow in their countries.

Liberal Immigration Policies of Liberals
It is the most significant policy of the Canadian Liberal Government as this huge refugee flow is going to cost about CAD680m to the government. Bringing 25000 refugees to Canada by the end of 2015 was one of the promises made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, during the election campaign last year.  However, till now, 11,800 refugees have only migrated to the country till now. The operation was also affected by the terror attacks on France last year, which raised many questions as to whether or not the government compromising with the security of the Canadians with such huge refugee influx. The government, however, is determined to bring remaining 13,200 refugees prior to March, 2015.

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