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Canada Recognizing the High-Flyers for the Start-up Visas!

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 26, Oct 2015

visas default image The recent successful Start-up Visa applicants are welcomed! Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that the founders of Ara Labs Security Solutions are the current victorious candidates for the permanent residence through the start-up Visa Program. He made the announcements at the University of New Brunswick’s National Research Council. The Start-up Visa Program, the first of its genre in the world, it associates the most experienced Canadian project which capital funds, promotes the investor organizations and business incubators with foreign entrepreneurs who want to launch their start-up companies in Canada. It is proving to be an essential ingrident of the Government’s plan to assimilate a fast and supple mercantile immigration system, with focusing on the initial meetings of the new and emerging requirements of Canadian economy. With the Start-up Visa, Canada is objecting a new set of immigrant entrepreneur who has the prospective to build an unconventional company that can create jobs for Canadians and be a competitor universally. The first successful applicants through this program were Stanislav Korsei and Oleksandr Zadorozgnyi, the founders of Zeetl Inc. which developed an application for companies to monitor customer complaints made on social media and establish a temporary phone link for the customer to call and have their complaint addressed. The application is proving to be a great innovation globally and is an asset for Canada.  


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