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Parent & Grandparent Program of Canada opened & Closed Quickly as reached the EOI intake limit

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 29, Jan 2019

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The popular Parent & Grandparent Program (PGP) of Canada opened on 28th January 2019 to accept the Expression of Interest (EOIs) from the interested sponsors. However, the PGP closed within just few minutes of opening, as it quickly reached the intake limit for this year. Parent and Grandparent program allows the Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their parents and grandparents to get Permanent Residency in Canada. Let's find out more about the PGP intake for 2019.

Parent & Grandparent Program Intake 2019

The PGP of Canada finally opened on 28th January for interested sponsors. However, it reached the upper limit in no time and closed to the Expression of Interests (EOIs) within few minutes of opening. Earlier the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada announced that it will accept as many as 27,000 Interest to Sponsor forms for the PGP in 2019 based on first come, first served system, as it's the first step of PGP process.

However, the form closed within few minutes of opening. After few minutes a declaration came from IRCC that they got the number of forms they aimed for and hence, called of the intake. As per the official announcement from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the applicants who have submitted the online Interest to Sponsor form will receive the confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.

Interest to Sponsor Form is 1st Step of PGP process

Submission of interest to sponsor form (along with proof of status in Canada) does not mean that the process completed, in fact, it is the first step of the whole procedure of Parent & Grandparent Program (PGP). The IRCC receives the online forms, remove the duplicate forms, and subsequently, it will start issuing the Invitation to Apply (ITA) to apply in the PGP to the selected applicants till the time the target of 20,000 applications for the year is achieved.

The invites will sent in the same order the Interest to Sponsor forms have been received. These invitations will be sent through the one or more Invitations rounds organized by the IRCC till the time annual target of 20,000 applications is fulfilled.

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Interest to Sponsor Form may open again in 2019

The IRCC has asked for additional interest to sponsor forms than the total annual target as not all submitted online forms meet the eligibility requirements and other parameters of PGP.

Hence, the IRCC may open the Interest to Sponsor form again this year if there is a requirement. Once you receive the Invitation to Apply, you have to submit the complete application along with the required documents for Parents and Grandparents Program within 60 days of receiving the invite.

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