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Canada needs over 300,000 Foreign Skilled workers in Construction Industry in view of ongoing skill Shortage

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 21, Oct 2016

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Canada needs a huge number of construction workers to meet the skill shortage in its construction industry. In view of skill shortage in the country, Canada is eying to invite significant number of foreign skilled workers fill the positions in the coming years.

About 300,000 new Construction workers needed in next 10 years

As per the chairman of the Board of the Canadian Construction Association, Wayne Morsky, about 300,000 new workers required for construction works in the next 10 years.

Morsky said pairing the young skilled workers with the older ones to begin a learning process is not enough. We need to take more steps to combat the upcoming challenges.

Canada Needs more foreign Skilled Workers

As per the Morsky, inviting more and more skilled immigrants is one of the key solutions of the skill shortage issue. The immigration of skilled labourers is not emphasized by the government compared to other occupations, while the need of such workers is increasing drastically.

Almost a decade back, average age of construction worker in Canada was 41 years, which means in next one decade most of the construction workers in Canada will be retiring. These figures can badly hit the economy if the steps are not taken now.

Impact on the Economy due to skill shortage in Construction Sector

At now construction sector in Canada employs more than one million people, wherein Ontario has the largest share compared to other provinces. The workers in the construction sector also engaged in the annual work of more than $150 billion. So, one can understand where the Canada is heading by overlooking this issue.

Apart from this, if the skill shortage problem is not addressed, it will hit Canada in terms of pending essential construction work as well, such as necessary repairs. It may cost Canada close to $200 billion.

A huge number of Construction Jobs will be created in coming years

As per an estimate more than 300,000 new construction jobs are likely to create in Canada in coming 7 years, however, it wont have workforce to fill the same if skilled immigrants are not hired for the construction industry.

Lets hope government pay attention to these estimations and statistics and soon take steps to make way for the immigrant skilled workers for the construction industry.

Its the right time to apply for job in the Construction industry in Canada

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