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Canada Mulls increase in Annual Immigration Rate to make it 415,000 in future

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, May 2018

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The latest report from CBC (Conference Board of Canada) has recommended an increase in the immigration rate of Canada. This rise will be once percent of the overall population of Canada w.e.f. 2030. This will help the government to tackle the new challenges at point of time with regards to ageing population and workforce availability to make significant contribution to the economy.

Proposal for Increase in Canada's immigration rate

The rise in the immigration rate of Canada will accept 415,000 new immigrants in Canada, as population by that time (year 2030) will touch the 42 million mark.

Looking at the different age groups in the population, the plan seems to be right one from CBC. The report proposes the increase in the immigration rate to one percent by the start of year 2030 to take up the challenged raised at that point of time, i.e. ageing population, labour market demands, economic growth, etc.

Multiyear Immigration Plan is already active

Canada's Multiyear immigration plan (2018-2020)implemented in November, 2017 is already active. As per this plan Canada to invite nearly 1 million permanent residents by 2020. In 2018 itself the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) will invite 310,000 permanent residents under different immigration programs. As per the plan the annual immigration rate will gradually increase year on year to be 340,000 by 2020 (at immigration rate 0.9%).

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Governments and Business entities are on same page

Canada's federal Government, Provincial governments,economists and Business entities are on same page with regards to Rise in Immigration rate in years to come. Everyone agrees that increase in immigration rate is essential in order to combat the skill shortage in the country caused by ageing population and reducing workforce.

The CB report also compared the consequences when the rate is increased Vs the scenario whenthere is no immigration. The report says that the workforce of Canada will be reduced drastically without immigration, which will adversely impact the annual GDP growth of the country in a decade post 2030. The fall in GDP growth will cause more tax rate as there will reduction in the number of taxpayers in the country. It will further make negative impact on living standards of Canadians and also on the social security benefits they receive from the governments, i.e. healthcare benefits, etc.

Immigration Rate likely to Increase by the government

Canadian government is likely to increase its immigration rate in future as per the labour market needs and requirements. The immigration has been the key contributor in Canada's economic growth and development over the years and it is still going to be the key factor in years to come.

Hence, government of Canada cannot afford to curb immigration and shut the doors of country's growth and progress. So, if you are an aspirant of immigration to Canada, this is the high time to prepare your immigration file and apply for Canada PR through relevant immigration program.

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