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Canada launched a Temporary Public Policy for the people affected by US immigration Ban

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 11, Feb 2017

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The Canadian government has introduced a temporary public policy for a few overseas nationals affected by the immigration ban imposed by the US president Donald Trump vide his recent executive order. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)- a key government body looking after immigration and refugee matters,  has announced this new public policy, as per which, the foreign nationals affected by the US travel ban, can apply for temporary status in Canada or can stretch their stay in the maple leaf country.

Background of the new Public Policy Announcement

The public policy announced to allow temporary status has to do with the recent immigration order signed by the US president Donald Trump, as per which, the entry of nationals of seven Muslim countries, i.e. Sudan, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, etc. is now banned in the USA for the period of 90 days. And the entry of the nationals from Syria has been banned in the US for an indefinite period.

The announcement of public policy has followed the recent statement by Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, wherein he assured the temporary permanent residency to the people stranded in Canada due to the US travel ban.

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Key Conditions for the grant of temporary residency as per new Public Policy

The new public policy will grant the temporary residency to the affected foreign nationals under three key conditions. Under these conditions the foreign nationals will be exempted a few key provisions of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

  • In case the foreign citizens travelling to America

In case a foreign citizen (who belongs to the barred countries) is traveling to the USA, but failed to do so due to the ban, he/she can apply for the TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) even without the processing fee. However, such foreign national must have show the proof, i.e. visa or travel documents needed for entering the USA. However, such applicant must not be inadmissible to Canada.

  • Foreign citizen staying in Canada as Temporary residents

If a foreign citizen is already living in Canada on temporary resident status, i.e. as international student, visitor, temporary worker, etc. has arranged for moving to the USA, but failed to visit due to the ban, can apply to extend his/her temporary status without the processing fee. Such affected foreign national also need to have the proper travel documents, i.e. visa, etc. needed to enter the US.

  • Foreign citizens in Canada, who are eligible reinstatement of temporary resident status

In case a foreign citizen has arranged the travel or visit to the USA, but failed to do so due to travel ban, he/she can apply for restoration of temporary resident status without the processing fee.

However, as per the IRCC, the travelers affected by US travel ban still need meet the eligibility criteria for admissibility, etc.

Canada is not only the safe haven for the travelers stranded due to US immigration ban, but also a perfect option for thousands of immigration aspirants across the world, looking for immigration to the USA. If you are one such aspirant, get your file ready at earliest in coordination with a genuine Canada Immigration Consultant, and apply for Canadian PR to get benefited from eased immigration rules in Canada.


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