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Canada Issues new travel Measure updates to benefit International Students

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 05, Oct 2020

Canada Issues new travel Measure updates to benefit International Students The Canadian learning institutions with approved COVID-19 readiness plans (by provincial or territorial government) will be allowed to welcome more international students. The Modified travel measures will be applicable from October 20.

Canada first imposed some travel measures in March this year to control the outbreak of Covid-19, and it has been reviewing the same on a regular basis and accordingly issuing the exemptions and relaxations.

Travel Updates for International Students

The provincial and federal government has the responsibility of both healthcare and education hence; they will evaluate the COVID-19 readiness plans submitted by the schools.As per the new update, the designated learning institutions are likely to giveparticulars to their provincial or territorial government on how they will give information to international students on
  • Health and travel requirements before they land in the maple leaf country,
  • Help students with their quarantine plans and
  • Provide guidance or assistance in obtaining the requirements of life, such as, food and medication, during their quarantine.
Such Readiness plans also require setting up the protocols for the health of students in case there are suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases at the school.

This update to travel measures affects all foreign students, irrespective of where they are coming from or when their study permit was approved. However, the travelers should not make any travel plans until they have fulfilled all conditions and received all essential authorizations.

The travel of asymptomatic foreign students who have the proper documents to enter Canada and whose DLI is on the list of institutions with accepted COVID-19 readiness plans in place will be measured to be non-discretionary and non-optional, unless there is indication that they are evidentlytraveling to Canada for a discretionary or optional purpose, such as tourism.

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