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Canada- How to Enhance your Chances of Selection in Upcoming QSWP Program (January 18 - March 31, 2016)

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 30, Nov 2015

visas default image The QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program) is one among the most popular Immigration Programs of Canada. Recently, the postal application intake for the QSWP has been closed; however, the online cycle for application intake is going to open on from January 18 to March 31, 2016. A total of 2800 applications will be accepted under this online immigration program. Hence, all the candidates looking for Canada Immigration have got another big opportunity for securing a Canadian Visa through this Immigrant oriented program. Key Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Selection in QSWP

  • Focus on Points Allocation: The QSWP is a point based immigration Program, where in the points are allocated to candidates based on his profile details submitted, i.e. Education, Work Experience, Area of Training, Age, etc. The Individual applicants need to score minimum 49 points, whereas the applicants with spouse need to score 57 points to get selected in QSWP. Focus on the below selection parameters with maximum points for scoring the qualifying marks:
  • Language Proficiency (Up to 22 points can be allocated)
  • Spouse or Common law Partner (Up to 17 points)
  • Area of Training (Up to 16 points)
  • Education (Up to 14 points)
  • Valid Job Offer (Up to 10 Points)
  • Apply Simultaneously in Express Entry: As per the Quebec Government, in order to enhance their chances of selection, the candidates must apply in both Express Entry and QSWP simultaneously, as the employers, also select the candidates from Express Entry System. However, in case you get selected any of the two programs, withdraw your application from the other one.
  • Apply Soon: As the program is based on ‘first come first served’ model, you must try to apply for the QSWP as early as possible to get yourself registered in the program at earliest. It will also help you to avoid the last minute haste and chaos. 
The QSWP Procedure The QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program) can be divided in to two steps, i.e.
  1. Obtain a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ)
  2. Make Application for the Permanent Residency Visa to the Canadian Federal Government
After you have received the Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ), the Federal Government just completes the formalities of security and medical checks, on receipt of your PR application. How to Get Key Assistance to Apply for QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program)? The QSWP is the most popular Immigration Program of Canada, along with the federal Express Entry System. Well, in order to boost your chances of selection, it is suggested that you apply in Express Entry as well as in the QSWP simultaneously. Your profile in Express Entry can also be seen and picked by the Quebec province or employers and applying in both programs will double your chances of selection in any of these programs. You can always withdraw one of your applications, after getting selected for another one. We advise you to book the appointment with Visas Avenue Immigration Specialist at earliest, so that you can coordinate with him to gather the requisite documents and apply in the program fast. Fill the free assessment form to get your profile assessed by the Canadian Immigration Expert, who subsequently will also call you with complete plan for immigration to Canada.


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