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Canada has extended the leniency Period for eTA requirement till November, 2016

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 07, Oct 2016

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The federal government of Canada has announced to extend the leniency period for Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) requirement for another 2 months. Earlier the government had planned to make eTA compulsory w.e.f. September 29, 2016; however, the leniency period is now extended to give the airlines and relevant people more time to get ready for the imminent changes. The leniency period has now been extended till November 9, 2016.

What is eTA?

The eTA is a latest entry requirement for the Visa exempt nationals who travel to or transit through Canada. However, the people with valid Canadian Visa and US citizens are exempted from this requirement.

As of now, the leniency period, which is permitting the visa exempt foreign travelers to board the flight without eTA will end on November 9, 2016. Though, the travelers from most of the Asian countries are not exempted from visa free travel to Canada and hence, not eligible for eTA as well. So they can apply for Canadian visa as per the standard procedure.

The leniency period was initially allowed for six month which was ending towards the end of September, 2016. The extension in the beginning was given to prevent travelers facing trouble during the busy summers of Canada. However, it is extended again before the expiration, i.e. September 29, 2016.

Why you must apply fast for eTA?

If you are one among the visa exempt nationals, you must apply for the eTA fast. Though few applications for eTA gets approved instantly within few minutes, however, there are applications which take many days to get processed. Hence, to avoid any inconvenience with regards to the same, you are advised to apply for eTA well in advance, i.e. before you book your flight to Canada.

With effect from November 10, all the visa exempt nationals would require the eTA to move to or transit through Canada.

Process for eTA is simple

The online process to apply for eTA is quite simple and most of the eTAs are received within few minutes. The cost of applying for eTA is CA$7 only. The eTA is usually valid for 5 years or till the time your passport expires, whichever occurs prior. Hence, once you have applied for eTA, you can travel to or transit through Canada for five years, without reapplying for the eTA, provided your passport is active.

How to apply for eTA

You can apply for eTA through official government website of Canada.
  • Keep your credit card and passport handy
  • Fill the online form (it can’t be saved, so keep all the things ready)
  • Once the form is completed pay CAD $7
  • Get the confirmation through e-mail within 72 hours. Though most of the applications are approved within few minutes of applying.
  • You may require submitting documents to apply for eTA, if such is the case, you will be intimated about the same through e-mail.

If you need any further clarification or assistance about the above topic or Canada immigration in general, you can email your query to to get prompt and appropriate reply from the certified Canada immigration expert. Keep visiting the news section on Visas Avenue website for updated world immigration news and information.


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