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Canada gets its new Immigration Minister - Marco Mendicino to oversee Immigration Department

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 21, Nov 2019

visas default image Marco Mendicion is the new Immigration Minister of Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has declared Marco as the next Minister of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship in Canada. The immigration department of Canada is considered as one of the most happening and crucial department of the country, hence, Mr. Mendicino will certainly have a huge responsibility to oversee that immigration targets of the Liberal government are fulfilled in a smooth and acknowledged manner.

Marco Mendicino - The New Immigration Minister

Marco Mendicino is 46 year old politician with an extensive background in law. He has worked as a federal prosecutor for approximately 10 years. In his tenure, he abetted send members of the "Toronto 18" terror group in jail.Mr. Mendicino recently (on October 21, 2019) re-elected as the MP (Member of Parliament) for Eglinton-Lawrence with 53 per cent of votes.

He will now take charge of the immigration policies of Canadian government and making way to meet the promises made by Liberal Party of Canada during the recent federal election.

The Liberals are not in majority this time around, which simply means that they will have to depend on the votes from opposition to fulfil their commitment to enhance the immigration levels, waive the fee for citizenship, make AIPP (Atlantic Immigration Pilot a permanent program) permanent and create a Municipal Nominee Program.

How will Canadian Immigration Shape under him

Canada's immigration policy and immigration plan always remain talk of the town. In its last tenure, Liberal government raise annual immigration level to 3,30,000 per year in the year 2019 which was 2,60,000 before they took over. The target is set to rise further to become 3,50,000 permanent residents by 2021.The target is certainly ambitious and need high level of planning and arrangements to accept more than one million new immigrants in Canada in the next three years.
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A few Liberal party promises to fulfil

During recent federal elections, Justin Trudeau led liberal party made several promises to the people. A few of these promises are:

Free Canadian citizenship applications

At present, the permanent residents of Canada require paying $530 to acquire Canadian citizenship as well as additional $100 towards "right of citizenship fee."

The Liberal's promise regarding the waiver of the fees altogether is considered as a step to reform the Citizenship Act in order to make obtaining the Canadian citizenship more accessible for PR irrespective of age and income, etc. factors

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The popular AIPP (i.e. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program) was designed by the government to restrain the drop of the population in Maritime Provinces of the maple leaf country.

The AIPP helps employers in the Atlantic provinces of Canada to recruit foreign workers for which they don't get the local employees. This pilot program was extended for two years,by the government, few months back. However, now there are reports that it may become a permanent program.

Municipal Nominee program

Liberals also promised to employ a program that would facilitate the process to help unite immigrants to rural parts of Canada. To meet this purpose, the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP) would open up 5,000 new places for prospective immigrants.

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