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Canada Exempts the Temporary residence applicants from biometrics Requirement

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 18, Jul 2020

Canada Exempts the Temporary residence applicants from biometrics Requirement Canadian government has exempted the Temporary residence applicants in Canada from biometrics collection until further notice. The government has taken this decision keeping in mind.

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) took various measures in the March month to control the outbreak of the Covid-19, however, now the Service Canada is gradually re-opening its offices for public. The Biometrics collection services will restart later on.

No Biometric required for Temporary residence applicants

Keeping the health concerns in mind, in view of global pandemic, the government, IRCC has announced a public policy to exempt temporary residence applicants (within Canada) from the requirement of providing the biometrics. It means that the IRCC will be able to completely process and make decisions on applications.

This new policy of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shell help many temporary residence applicants in Canada to continue with their plans, i.e. to study, work or extend their stay in Canada as a visitor. However, the IRCC will continue to screen applicants via other means to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians. It is also looking at possible options to help PR visa applicants in the country.

Who is Exempt under this new policy

As a Canada immigration applicant, you are covered under this policy or exemption, provided you be in Canada and are applying for one of the following:
  • an extension of a work permit
  • a new work permit
  • an extension of a study permit
  • a new study permit
  • a visitor visa
  • a visitor record to allow you to stay in Canada as a temporary resident
  • restoration (extension) of temporary resident status
  • a temporary resident permit
If you are residing in Canada and applying for temporary residence, you do not do not need to pay the biometric fee (CAN$85), even if the system tells you to pay it when you submit your application, as you are presently exempt from the biometrics requirement.

If you have paid biometric fee already and received a biometric instruction letter as well, you do not have to provide your biometrics if you are in Canada and applying for temporary residence. When IRCC finds your application, it will send u a refund for the biometric fee. Hence, you do not require initiating the refund.

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