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Canada Citizenship Rule Change Effect - Massive Increase noticed in the number of New Canadian citizens

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 11, Oct 2018

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The change in citizenship rules by Canadian government in the year 2018, has resulted in the significant rise in the number of new Canadians in last one year. After the rule changes implemented by the government October last year, the number of new applications have raised by over hundred percent in last nine months. As per the government eased immigration rules have helped vast number of people to get citizenship in Canada in last few months.

Increased number of people getting Canadian citizenship after rule changes

Canadian government implemented the new changes to citizenship rule in October 2018. Now, as one year is completing this month, more than 150,000 people shall become Canadian citizens since then. There are two key rule changes that have contributed largely in this massive rise in citizenship applications, i.e.

Key Canadian Citizenship Rule Changes Employed in October 2018

  • Reduction in the number of days a permanent resident requires to physically present in Canada (to apply citizenship). Earlier, the applicant required to physically present in Canada for the 4 out of six years. However the same was decreased to 3 out of five years, w.e.f. October 11, 2018.
  • Amendment was done in the Bill C-6. It enabled those candidates to claim up to 365 days towards the 3 year physical presence requirement (each day spent in the maple leaf country calculating as a half day, who already spent time in Canada in the last 5 years as a temporary resident or protected person.
  • The government limited the language and knowledge requirements for citizenship to applicants between 18 and 54 years of age only. Earlier, it was applicable to the applicants between the ages of 14 and 64.

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Drastically increased number of Citizenship applications

As per the government, the people who got the citizenship after rule changes increased by forty percent compared to the year prior to that (calculating the same period). Moreover, the total number of Canadian citizenship applications also read

The number of applications for citizenship also rise steeply to 242,680 in the 9 months post the rule changes, with an increase of over one hundred per cent compared to the year 2017-2018 (same period).

Change in Citizenship Rules is fulfilling its purpose

As per Canadian immigration minister Ahmed Hussen, the rule changes were employed last year to make the process easier for those, who wants to be Canadian citizen. And after almost one year, it's visible that the changes are fulfilling the purpose.

The liberal government of Canada has been quite lenient on the immigration and immigrants in last few years, which has helped thousands of people to secure permanent residency as well as citizenship in Canada in last few years.

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