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Canadian Government plans to provide relaxation in Citizenship Process for the Overseas Students

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 15, Mar 2016

visas default image In the string of events, making immigration policy flexible for immigrants, the liberal government of Canada has made an announcement to amend the law, which will make it simpler for the overseas students in Canada to become the Canadian Permanent Residents. It will certainly be good news for the thousands of international students studying in Canada and willing to get the permanent residency here as well.

What are the proposed amendments?

The new legislation is likely to revoke a few changes, which were made by the previous Conservative government in the Canadian Immigration Act. The said changes were acknowledged into the law, the last year only (i.e. June 15).

As per the earlier changes made to Bill C-24 by Harper Government, the PR requirement was increased to 4 years from 3 years and the special condition was also abolished, which was counting half of the time spend on work or study visa in Canada while making application for citizenship.

Now the new bill of liberal government called “An Act to amend the Citizenship Act” is going to lessen the period of physical presence in Canada prior to making application for citizenship. This period will be reduced to 3 out of previous 5 years from the earlier required period of 4 years out of previous 6 years. The bill will also reinstate the fifty percent consideration of the time spend in Canada on study visa by the overseas students.

Liberals Vs Conservatives on Immigration

The Immigration stand and policy of the new liberal government seemed to be just opposite to the previous conservative government. It is the 2nd incident when the liberal government has reinstated the immigration rule changes made by the Harper government during their tenure. Last time they restored the PGP application intake from 5000 to 10000. The other such changes are also in the pipeline and we may soon see the announcement regarding the same.

What does it mean to the International Students?

Well, it will certainly benefit the international students in Canada, planning to apply for citizenship and the ones planning to immigrate to Canada on the study visa.

With the new legislation facilitating overseas students to get the Canadian citizenship, more international students will be encouraged to come to Canada and get enrolled in the top universities. Canada is already a favorite immigration destination for the international students and skilled workers in view of its lenient immigration policy, advanced economy, high living standards, low unemployment rate, and world-class cities and provinces. And anyone, whoever gets a chance to get citizenship in Canada, will be more than happy.

How to apply for Study Permit in Canada?

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