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Canada Announces Major Changes to Medical Inadmissibility Rules that bars the Disabled Immigrants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, Apr 2018

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The government of Canada has announced to make major changes to its 40 year old, disputed, Medical Inadmissibility Rules, which bars the immigrants with intellectual or physical disabilities. Immigration Minister of Canada, Ahmed Hussen, has announced the key changes in this controversial policy on Monday.

Medical Inadmissibility Rules to be revised by the government

The immigration department is unlikely to reject the PR applications of the people with physical or mental disability. Talking about the impact of this policy on the immigrants and their relatives outside Canada, Ahmed Hussen said that most of the Canadian, who have been affected by this policy are economic immigrants already working and creating jobs in Canada, however, whose spouses or children may have a disability.

Medical Inadmissibility Rule is not as per Government's Vision

As per Ahmed Hussen, "The current provisions on medical inadmissibility are over 40 years old and are clearly not in line with Canadian values or our government's vision of inclusion." He also gave examples of some immigrant families, who suffered a lot because of this rule. Mr. Hussen further added, "These newcomers can contribute and are not a burden to Canada," the minister said. "These newcomers have the ability to help grow our economy and enrich our social fabric."

What will the changes be like?

The changes being considered are likely to change the definition of Social Services by eliminating the references to social and vocational rehabilitation, special education and personal support services. The government is also going to triple the cost at which a Canada PR visa application can be rejected based on health conditions.

This will be big relief for the permanent residency applicants with minor health conditions that have reasonably low health and social services costs to be approved for permanent residency, such as, people with hearing or visual impairments. Speaking to the Media, Hussen confirmed that the government will pay the cost of changes announced on Monday. However, when asked about the requirement of additional funds in health or social services transfers, he said, "We will reflect on these changes to see the impact that they will have. We have to wait and see what the numbers will be before I can answer that question."

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Impact of the Medical Inadmissibility rule over the years

Every year, out of 177,000 economic immigrants enter in Canada, nearly 1,000 are impacted by this rule of medical inadmissibility. The new changes to this policy with help majority of such cases.

Meanwhile, many groups in the social circle are demanding the full repeal of this policy. However, for this to happen more work is required in terms of accurate cost estimation. The people who demand full repeal don't find the small changes to the policy sufficient to help the economic immigrants affected because of this. However, one thing seems certain that whatever changes the government decides, will take affect very soon.

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