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Canada Announces key Measures to ease online learning for International students

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 16, Jul 2020

Canada Announces key Measures to ease online learning for International students Canadian government acknowledges the cultural and socioeconomic contributions of International students to the maple leaf country. This is the reason that the government support and encourage these students whichever way possible.

This year too, since the start of the pandemic, the Minister of IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has made various temporary policy changes to benefit and support international students and learning institutions.

Changes to simplify online learning

In view of upcoming fall season, the immigration minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino, has announced few extra measures to back international students starting a new program online with a learning institution in the maple leaf country. If the institution of an international student is offering the program online, he/she can pursue his or her education, while making certain the safety of all.

The new changes or amendments will provide more conviction, about their capability to Immigrating to Canada, once travel and health restrictions are eased in Canada and their own home countries. This means that students will be entitled to work in Canada post their graduation, despite the fact that they require starting their online studies from outside Canada this fall.

The new changes will further establish Canada's status as a leading destination for international students. It will also show the significance of the foreign student program and key contributions of the international students in Canada.

List of new Measures for International Students

Find below the details of new measures for International students:
  • Study-permit of those students will be processed on priority, who have submitted a complete application online, to make certain that permits are processed ASAP.
  • The government will allow students to count the time spent pursuing their studies online overseas toward their eligibility for a post-graduation work permit. However, it is applicable provided they have submitted a study permit application and provided minimum 50 percent of their program is completed in Canada
  • Government gives reassurance to foreign students, who are not able to submit all of the documentation required to complete processing of the applications, and who opt to pursue programs through distance learning, by applying a temporary two stage approval process
As per Mr. Mendicino, "The pandemic has had a significant impact on international students and the Canadian institutions and communities that host them. This is why we have implemented a series of measures to support them. We value the contribution of young people seeking a high-quality education in Canada, and we're making every effort to minimize how current challenges affect their plans and dreams for the future."

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