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Canada allows Foreign Representatives to Come to Canada

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 24, Jul 2020

Canada allows Foreign Representatives to Come to Canada In its latest order, the Canadian government has allowed the foreign representatives and their accompanying family members to travel to Canada with certain guidelines.

The government is in process to ease out the travel restrictions and other containment measures (imposed in the month of March this year to control the Covid-19 outbreak), in a phase wise manner and current exemption is another step towards the same.

Accredited bureaucrats/officials

The latest Orders exempt foreign citizens, who are exempted from the requisite to acquire a temporary resident visa under paragraph R190 (2) (a) as well as their immediate family members. However, the larger definition of immediate family members continues to be in place.

However, the foreign citizens must possess a passport that includes a diplomatic acceptance, a consular acceptance or an official acceptance issued by the Chief of Protocol for GAC on behalf of the Canadian government.

Such person, need to be a properly accredited diplomat, consular officer, representative or official of a country (not Canada), of the UNO or any of its agencies or of any global organization (Canada must be a member of the same).

Arriving accredited bureaucrats/officials

The latest orders exempt foreign representatives and their accompanying family members intended to Canada to become accredited by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and to undertake their postings.

These representatives and their family members, whether they are from a visa-required country or not, need to apply for and get a temporary resident visa (TRV) before they land in Canada under the present travel restrictions.

The TRVs must only take place with the approval of GAC's Office of Protocol. The TRV coded D-1 or O-1 is the only sign to border services officers that such representative or passport holder, in Canada's view, may be entitled to diplomatic, consular or official rights and immunities and recognized under the Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act. Global Affairs Canada has received the instructions and guidelines for the application for these foreign representatives during the travel restrictions.

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