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Beware! The New Immigrants in Canada are Being Targeted by the Phone Scammers

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 23, Dec 2015

visas default image The New Immigrants in Canada are facing a threat of Phone Scammers these days. These Phone Scammers call the relatively new immigrants in Canada, pretend as Immigration Officials and demand money, saying that your immigration or a particular Visa document, etc. is not valid. They are also being threatened of facing a legal action, if they don’t pay the demanded amount.

A recent Scam Call Incident
In a recent incident, a woman from Toronto received a call from a scammer claiming CIC official and demanded a fine of $2500, saying that she has not completed some paperwork at her Mexican Consulate. The scammer made all efforts to prove he is from CIC and provided his badge number, etc. as well. The lady was also threatened of court case resulting in deportation, if she fails to pay the money. She, however, showed alertness and dialed the CIC office immediately and got a confirmation that all her documents are in order.

New Immigrants need to be alert about such fake calls
As per the Toronto Police, they have been receiving several complaints every day about such scam calls from the immigrants. The Police say that these scam callers often pick the number from phone books, etc. choosing the ethnic surnames, who are likely to be in the immigration system and subsequently call them pretending as government officials. The CIC has also issued the many public service alerts informing the new immigrants to be aware about such scam calls.

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