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Be careful! An Inappropriate Social Media Post Can Cancel your Australian Visa

Posted - 27, Nov 2017

Yes! You read it right, now even a social media posts can get your temporary Australian visa canceled. The visa condition, which was earlier applicable to just few visa categories, is now applicable to the most Temporary Visa categories of Australia. The Australian government has been making its immigration policy stern over the last few months and the current immigration rule amendment is the key example for the same.

Now even a Facebook post can cancel your visa

As per the new Immigration rule, if you are found responsible for posting an online slander post based on religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender, etc. the immigration department of Australia can cancel your visa. This new regulation is part of Migration Legislation Amendment Regulations 2017, which is now applicable to most temporary visa categories from November 18, 2017. This existing visa condition- 8303, which was earlier applicable to some visas, is now applicable to most of the temporary visas.

Immigration Minister now has the power to take action against an inappropriate online post

The Australian immigration minister now has the power to take action against a wrongful online post and consequently, cancel the visa of the person involved. The visa can be cancelled if a visa holder is found involved in stalking, bullying, harassment, or threatening an individual even if it doesn’t come under any criminal section. This incident can be in form of online vilification or ‘hate speech’, based on religion, sexuality ethnicity, gender, etc. targeting a person.

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It sends Clear message to Visa holders

As per the statement issued by Australian immigration department in this regard, “It sends a clear message, explicitly requiring that the behavior of temporary visa holders is consistent with Australian government and community expectations.  It advises visa holders what sorts of behavior can result in visa cancellation.”

In almost a year (i.e. July 2016 to April 2017), more than 47,000 visas have been revoked in view of various reasons, including, violation of given visa conditions. Hence, the visa holders now need to be really cautious of their behavior not only in real world, but also in the virtual world (internet world).

Immigration Officers has the right to determine the violation

As per the Immigration department, its immigration officers will have the entire right to determine whether or not the visa conditions violated through an online post or otherwise. They will have the discretion to cancel the visa or decide against the same.

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