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Australias Updated Temporary Work Visa Program for Six Months is Now Open

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 30, Dec 2016

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Temporary activity visa program (valid for six months) of Australia has undergone key changes and it is now operational for receiving new applications. The key amendments made to the program may affect several applicants in the New Year 2017, whereas many of them will now find it easier.

Updated Temporary activity visa program

With the key changes Temporary Activity Visa program is now simplified in terms of consolidation of visa categories and essential amendments in the sponsorship needs. The individuals interested in the short term visa will realize these changes once they apply for the same. The submission as well as processing is online in maximum cases for the program popular with several international and national organizations, looking for highly skilled overseas workers.

Significance of Temporary activity visa

Though, temporary work visa Subclass 457 visa (valid up to 4 years) is more popular worldwide among immigrants, however, the temporary activity visa program also invite a huge number of overseas workers every year in Australia. The temporary activity visa being valid for six months provides a perfect link between 457 visa (valid up to 4 years) and business activity visa (limited only to certain business activity).

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) claims that latest quick online application process is shall make short term activity visa programs further useful and faster alternative for the organizations requiring foreign skilled workers for short term activities. Certain changes to this program are expected to promote social, cultural, and academic movements and affairs to Australia.

What are the key changes made to Temporary Activity Visa program?

As per the new changes, existing seven visas have been consolidated in to four key categories. Here are the key changes made to Temporary Activity Visas:
  • The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Subclass 400 visa will be for the overseas workers with extremely specialized skills and those occupied in an activity that is in the interest or benefit of Australia.
  • Temporary Work (International Relations) Subclass 403 will for the workers of overseas governments, i.e. domestic workers for diplomatic and consular staff or the individuals with immunities. It is now merged with the seasonal worker program stream of the earlier Special Program (Subclass 416) visa.
  • Training (Subclass 407) is a new visa subclass that will replace the Training and Research (Subclass 402) visa. It will be for professional development and occupational trainees. The individuals on this visa can partake in classroom based professional development activities and training being provided by third party organizations.
  • Temporary Activity (Subclass 408) is another new visa. It will replace the below visa subclasses:
  • Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity) Subclass 401
  • Temporary Work (Entertainment) Subclass 420
  • Super yacht Crew Subclass 488 visas.

Most of the latest visas shall not require sponsorship or nomination need, as is with other job based immigration programs. Though, if 408 visa stay gets extended beyond 3 months, it may require the sponsorship nomination. However, application lodged within Australia shall need the sponsorship irrespective of the stay period.

Need assistance to apply for temporary or permanent visa in Australia?

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