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Australian Visa Processing Time will now be available online for the Applicants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 17, Mar 2017

visas default image The international visa as well as citizenship application processing time will now be available online for the applicants. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has taken this step to facilitate the applicants by providing them more insightful information about the status as well as the processing time of their visa and citizenship applications.

Visa and Citizenship Processing Time Information Available online

The new visa processing data will replace the earlier standard information, which in turn will provide you enhanced updates and information as to how long the procedure of your relevant visa subclass or citizenship application will take. The given processing time on DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) website will get updated every month to show the present status of the application. The updated processing information will be available for the most of the Australian visa categories and citizenship applications. The processing time for few subclasses is deliberately not being published by the DIBP as they may be queued or closed for candidates.

The Cases wherein the Processing time may vary

There are few cases when the processing time may vary compared to the actual processing time. You must submit complete application to make certain that your application shows the correct processing time online. However, despite all the process updates, the processing time may vary for individual applications, i.e. based on case-by-case. Any of the below factors can be responsible for the difference in the processing time, i.e.
  • Whether or not a complete application is submitted and including all the essential supporting documents
  • Time taken for performing the necessary checks
  • How quickly you reply to the requests from authorities for additional documents/information
  • Rush in demand and peak time, etc.
  • Time taken to receive added information from outside parties, especially, in cases of health, national security, character, and Assurance of Support requirements
  • Places available in a particular migration program
The DIBP officials check and process the application on case-by-cases, and hence, the processing time may differ based on the individual application and circumstances.

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