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Australian Government to introduce a new visa to attract Highly Skilled Immigrants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 20, Mar 2018

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The government of Australia is planning to launch a new visa to attract highly skilled migrants as well as the individuals, who are working in the STEM start up organizations and willing to come to Australia. Government considers the creation of new visa crucial in order to lure high 'tech skills and talent. However, the companies permitted to sponsor immigrants for jobs, paid more than $180,000. New visa will also be created for start-ups looking for talent in STEM related occupations, i.e. agricultural technology, biomedicine.

New Visas to be introduced by Aussie Government

Both the new visas government planning to create need minimum 3 years of appropriate experience from the migrants. On the other hand, sponsor organizations need to provide evidence that they first tried to employ the local Australians.

As per the press release statement issued by the government, "The Government recognises there is fierce competition globally for high-tech skills and talent, and that attracting these people helps to transfer skills to Australian workers and grow Australian-based businesses,".

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Instruction for the employers

As per the government, there won't be any cap limit on the number of visas to be issued under the new category, however, the sponsor companies will employ the migrants as per the given limit. The established business entities will be able to hire 20 skilled immigrants under the new visa categories in a year, on the other hand, start-ups will be able to hire up to 5 skilled migrants in a year.

The visas for employment paid more than $180,000 will only be offered to businesses with a turnover of more than $4 million. The start-up visas will be offered to any entity that is accredited by an industry body, still to be selected by the Australian government.

Pathway to Australian PR

The immigrants will get an option to get their visa converted in to permanent residency (i.e. a Transitional pathway) after 3 years in Oz. The complete details of the whole visa plan will be finalized in coming few months before a 12-month pilot program starts on 1st July 2018.

Sigh of relief for the Start-ups

The start-ups have recently emphasized on the need of hiring foreign skilled workers to meet the existing skill shortage challenges. The StartupAus has also welcomed the announcement and saying that they have finally got something to cheer about after last year's stern immigration rule changes implemented by the Turnbull government, including abolition of 457 visa and reduction in the skilled occupation list, etc. Now, the Australian organizations will also get a chance to higher best and brightest from the overseas.

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