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Australian Government may introduce mandatory Regional Settlement Plan for New Immigrants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 31, Aug 2018

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Australian government likely to mull a proposal of mandatory settlement of new immigrants in the regional parts of Australia. As per the report of newspaper, 'The Australian', the cabinet of newly appointed Prime Minister Scott Morrison may consider a proposal of introducing the mandatory regional settlement for up to five years for some migrants, particularly, under skilled worker and family stream. This proposal was due to go on table of the cabinet of Ex-Prime Minister Mr. Malcolm Turnbull, however, he was deposed just before it could have happened.

Why Regional Settlement Plan?

The Federal government of Australia may consider the mandatory regional settlement for new immigrants for up to five years, once they land in Australia. This may come in practice in order to ease population pressure on Melbourne and Sydney- the two largest cities of the Oz. This step may tackle congestion in these most popular liveable cities of Australia.

The Department of Home Affairs of Australia has released the latest data, which shows that presently, 87 percent of the new immigrants to Australia end up settling in Melbourne and Sydney. The new proposal will compel the new migrants to settle in the regional parts of Australia, which are struggling with low population. Also the other capital cities outside the capitals of New South Wales and Victoria. However, as of now there is no official confirmation from the federal government about consideration of this new proposal.

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5 year Compulsory Regional Settlement

The idea behind the whole plan regional settlement is that once the newcomers have lived in a regional area for five years, they are most likely to continue their stay in the same region simply because of the connections they will form with the community and job market, etc.

At present, the government already have few visa categories which ask the new comers to settle in regional parts, i.e. Subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa, Subclass 187 and subclass 887 visa, etc. The different Australian states also have their own migration programs which compel the applicants to stay in that particular state for at least 2 years, while the state nominate them for the relevant visa category. However, once such applicants get the permanent residency in Australia, they most often move to Melbourne and Sydney.

Provisions for moving outside a particular state

Moreover, the permanent residents nominated by states, has the option to move to any other state within the first 2 years, under certain conditions. Its most often the case with the holders of Subclass 190 Skilled nominated permanent visa, who upon providing the valid reason to authorities, i.e. not able to find suitable work, etc. can move to another state. The people on temporary visas have no other option, but to stay in the same state until they get the Australian PR.

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