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Australian Government announced changes to citizenship test & English language program

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 31, Aug 2020

Australian Government announced changes to citizenship test & English language program As part of an important immigration update, the acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge has revealed that Australia will make crucial changes to Australian Citizenship Test. These changes shall intensely emphasize on Australian values to enhance the social cohesion.

This key change is the part of important campaign being run by Morrison administration to articulate national identity and to endorse and defend multicultural success of the land down under.

As per the minister, the same was evident during the recent calamities, i.e. bushfires and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On both occasions, the multicultural communities came forward to support fellow compatriots.

Key changes to citizenship test & English language program

Revealing the changes while addressing the National Press Club recently, in the capital, Alan Tudge mentioned that new questions "on Australian values" will be included in the citizenship tests.

He further added, "Australian citizenship is both a privilege and a responsibility, and it should be granted to those who support our values, respect our laws, and want to contribute to Australia's future,"

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"We should ensure that those who come here and those who want to settle here clearly understand - and are willing to commit to - the shared common values that unite us all as Australians."

Though the government yet to share the whole framework and details of the same.

Changes to the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program)

The minister also revealed that migrants who cannot speak English would be allowed to join an unlimited number of free language classes in a service of the billion-dollar worth Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), which presently provides 510 hours of free tuition, which needs to be completed within 5 years.

In the new changes, as per the government, it will not only remove the cap on the hours, but also eliminate time limits on the classes, which will help permanent residents or citizens to join classes free of charge until they have learned "functional English."

Speaking about the significance of learning English, Mr. Tudge said, "Without English language skills, migrants are less likely to get a job, less likely to integrate, and less likely to participate in our democracy," said Mr. Tudge.

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