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Australia to Strengthen its Visa Risk Assessment System to Prevent the Entry of Undesirable Entrants

By Rajneesh Kumar Posted 21, Jan 2017

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Australia is going to make its Visa risk evaluation system more forceful to make certain the entry of right people only in the country, i.e. the people who are genuine and valuable for the society. Australias Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has announced that it might make the visa application checks stricter to ensure that right people with right intentions only enter in Australia.

Australia to invest 100 million on the Visa risk Assessment system

Dutton has announced to invest 100 million to pick over the people who are unwanted, i.e. terrorists, etc. He also reconfirmed his intentions to redesign a stricter citizenship test. Dutton believes that people who wish to become Australian citizens need to be assessed better.

Emphasis on restructuring the Citizenship Test

Multiple choice tests along with basic security and character verifications are not enough to grant citizenship, mentioned Dutton through an article published in daily News Paper. He disclosed that a huge number of visas are getting cancelled based on the grave offence done. The citizenship also revoked of the people, who acquired the same through cheating and falsification.

As per him, the individuals looking to get Australian Citizenship need to show their commitment to the values of Australia via their track record in terms of adherence to the laws and regulations, English proficiency, work and education of children, etc. They must prove themselves good enough to get citizenship in Australia in real sense. Even for PR, a few more parameters need to be added.

Australia will continue to magnetize people who contribute to the Country

As per Dutton Australia aims to magnetize people who respect and aspect the Australian values and contribute the growth and success of the country irrespective of their religion and origin. The migration to the country must benefit Australia as well as the people coming to Australia.

However, it is also essential to ensure the support from the public for the development of migration programs in the country. Hence, the country plans to celebrate migration as the key part of Australias success journey and welcome the new citizens in the country on the Australia Day. On Australia day the country will celebrate its achievements as a nation and on this day, about 16,000 people are likely to become the Australian Citizens in different events across Australia.

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