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Australia to spend $10 million on a campaign to attract More Youngsters on Working Holiday Visa

Posted - 18, Oct 2016

The Government of Australia has announced to spend $10 million on a campaign to lure more and more young individuals on working holiday visa in the country. The government is hoping to invite the youngsters to spend valuable time in Australia.

The Step is taken in view of the Decline in working holiday visa applications

A decline in the Working holiday visa notices ever since the announcement and subsequent confirmation made by the government to tax (i.e. called as Backpackers Tax) the income earned with effect from January 2017.

Though the tax would be lower than the proposed, i.e. 19% on income up to $37,000, however, it has still made an impact on the youngsters coming on the working holiday.

Government to spend $10 million on attracting the Backpackers again

The government seems to be taking steps for the damage control now by announcing a significant amount for attracting the backpackers again. In the process government has announced the funding of $10 million to Tourism Australia. The amount will be spent on the advertising campaigns targeting the youth across the globe.

Reduction in the Fee for Working Holiday Maker Visa

The other key step taken to attract more working holiday visa applications is reduction of the fee for the same. The fee for working holiday maker visa has been reduced to $390 with the considerable reduction of $50. The provisions for working have also been made relatively flexible now. The employers with different premises in more than one locations, will now be able to employ the individuals on working holiday visa for a year with six months spent at each location.

Government Considers the Working holiday makers as a key part of Australia’s tourism industry

Talking about the new announcements in this regard, Tresurer Scott Morisson said that the working holiday makers are key part of Australia’s tourism industry ($43.4 billion) and a major source of labour, especially, in the agriculture, horticulture, tourism, and hospitality sectors. As per him government and stakeholders also understands that working holiday makers should pay reasonable tax on their earnings.

Morrison further said that the government will look to enhance the arrivals of working holiday makers, which is consistently falling since 2012-2013 as a result of factors, i.e. exchange rate disparity and changing economic trends in source countries.

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